Archaeological Dig

Thanks to the generous time and commitment of volunteer archaeologist Dr. David Frurip of Midland, Michigan, the King House was designated as an archaeological site (#20EM156) by the State of Michigan in December 2015. Dr. Frurip has led several digs at the site and has presented the results to the Oxbow Archaeological Group in Midland, MI and the Emmet County Genealogical Society, in Petoskey, MI.

Archaeology is the study of  human activity through the recovery and analysis of material culture.  Archaeology at the King House property helps us:

  • Determine what activities took place there (crafts, tools, gardening, …).
  • What the occupants ate (bones, seeds, …).
  • Obtain information on previous occupations (fur trade, prehistoric).
  • Find the location of other structures (sheds, outhouses, …).
  • Determine the socio-economic status of the occupants.
Historic Artifacts King House

Archaeological Dig Photos