Donor List

Thank You!

The King House Association would like to thank the following individuals, foundations and organizations who have contributed to our efforts.

Matthew Aberbach and Alicia Schafer
Meeyung and Robert Ainsworth
Americana Foundation
Barbara and Dennis Aylward
Baiardi Family Foundation
Ceci Bauer and Tim Flynn
Ralph Bergemann
JoAnn and John Birdzell
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Blom
Kathleen and Danny Bowers
Jennie and Wayne Bryan
Patrick Bryan
Sally Buick
Sally and Ian Bund
Barbara and Tom Camp
Jane and Bob Cardinal
Nona and John Carr
Susan Sparrow Carson and Mike Carson
David Chauvin
Carolyn Thomas Christy
Robert Churchill
Kay Clarke
Patricia and Jim Clarke
Susan and Robert Clarke
Jeanette Clausen
Connie Cobb
Julie and Dick Collie
Janice and Parke Collins
Joan Coxton
Suzanne and Robert Craik
Joan and Roger Craton
Mary Cummings
Anne Curzan
Mary* and Myron* Curzan
Jane Dresbach
Kathryn and Bert Ebbers
Marge Edwards and Ray Becker*
Mary Edwards
Judy Engleberg
Phyllis Epps
Diana and Michael Finn
Kathleen Foster and Gus Serra
Tammy and Ken Fowler
Dolores and Steven Frisbe
Brenda and Ted Frey
Debbie Gauntlett and Philippe Job
Kate and Marin Gjaja

Gay and Otto Georgi
Amy and Thomas Good
Julie and Tom Goodrich
Great Lakes Energy Peoples Fund
Greater Good Hart Association
Karen Green
Michael Grigg and Michelle Orge
Mary and John Groves
R. Stanton Hales
Joseph Hance
John Hannah
Susan and Bob Hannah
Tom Hannah and Vicki Vassalo
Sue and Gregg Hartemayer
Nancy Mechem Hedges
Debbie and Jonathan Gafill
Stephanie and Dick Guyor
Ann K. Irish
Scott Johnson
Dianne Johnston and Grace Horn
Russell Johnson
Helen and Richard Jositas
Sandy* and Lou Kasischke
Sally and Ken Kelsey
Marta and Larry King
Sue and Bill Klco
Darra and Gerald Knott
David Kraus
Janet and Keith* Lamkin
Sally and Burt Lamkin
Evie and Steve Lewis
Linda and Bill Little
Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians
Janet Macris
Sara Neff-Matthews and Paul Matthews
Maureen Neff Mayne
Hannah Mazer
Diane McPharlin
Michigan Architectural Foundation Evan Graham Memorial Preservation Award
Steve Miller and Diane Ott
Maude and Gorton Milliken Fund
Kelli and Roger Moore
Richard Moran

Nancy and Dave Munson
Shawn and Jay Neff
Network for Good
Carla and Thomas Obringer
Pat and John Offenberg
Signe and John Offenberg
Rachel and Tomas Paez
Paypal Charitable Giving Fund
Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation
Nancy and Daniel Pollack
Questers, Michigan State Chapter
Questers, Petosega Chapter
Karen and Don Randolph
Catherine* and George Reindel
Mori and Cedric Richner
Georgie Richner
Randi Richner and Eric Russell
Mary and Dell Rigby
Nancy and Vivek Sankaran
Janine* and Charles Saputo
Elizabeth Sauter
Jerry Schafer
Suzanne Schulze
Gail* and Dick Selvala
Mo Shannon and David Vaughan
Carolyn and Dave Shear
Shore Drive Study Club
Rose and James Silvey
Denise Simon and Hugh Melling
Lynn and Park Smith
MarySusan and Chris Steffen
Michelle Street
Carolyn and Jim Sutherland
Tracy and John Texter
Todd Thompson and Millient Tanner
Gail and Joe Tomlinson
James B. Tost
Marilyn Vutech
Marti and Larry Wallen
Bonnie and Dell Weitzel
Carol and George Wolff
Carole and James Wortley
Debbie and John Zendt
Jannes and John Zobus
*Designates a deceased donor

In Memory
Janet Lamkin in memory of Keith Lamkin
Marti and Larry Wallen in memory of Sandy Kasischke
Marge Edwards in memory of Mary Beth Mellen
Jennie and Wayne Bryan in memory of Gene Colussey

In Honor
Evie and Steve Lewis in honor of Carolyn Sutherland
Richner & Richner in honor of Carolyn Sutherland
Randi Richner and Eric Russell in honor of Carolyn Sutherland

In-Kind Donations
Al & Jim’s Tree Service – tree and brush removal
Marty Breighner – Sawed lumber for interior of the house
Nancy Breighner – period wood-burning stove
Dave Frurip – Archaeological digs
Fred Hackl – Architectural services
Hollander Glass Texas, Inc – Historic window glass
Keith Lamkin* – Lot clean up, yellow birch replacement logs
Gary Rentrop – Non-profit incorporation
Sascho, Inc. – Chinking material for timber walls
Silva & Sons Landscaping – Lot landscaping
Ami Woods – Facebook presence
Jannes and John Zobus – Generator

Your name is important to us. We apologize for any errors or omissions in this list.
If you find either, please let us know so we may correct our error.
This list reflects gifts given through September 2019 and will be updated quarterly. Thank you.