The King House Association

The King House Association is a nonprofit association preserving and protecting the last of the original Odawa hand-hewn log homes on Lamkin Road in Good Hart, Michigan.  The House will be a site for telling the story of Middle Village/Good Hart from prehistory to the present.


The King House will be open on Sundays from 10:00 am to noon

June 28 – September 6, 2020 

Please park in the lot across from St. Ignatius Church



The King House Association Board of Directors salutes our outgoing Chair James T. Clarke.  We thank him for his leadership, generosity and commitment to the King House and its mission.  As the first chair of King House Association Jim led the way in raising the funds and overseeing the detail of the restoration of the King House.  He also played a key role in building a strong organizational foundation for governance, public awareness, and financial support that will make all future successes possible.  

We also welcome new Board members:

Bill Klco, neighbor and co-director of the Good Hart Artist Residency

Jim Morris, neighbor and building contractor

Phil Deloria, archivist and local organic farmer

Tom Shehigian, Good Hart neighbor and preservationist

Their interests and skills will be a great help as the KHA moves forward with planning the Timeline Display Project and with developing a Master Plan for the King House property.

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About King House Association

Thanks to broad community support, in 2015 the King House Association was able to purchase the last original 19th century handhewn log home which is located on Lamkin Road in Middle Village/Good Hart, Michigan.

History King House Association

The King House, named for the prominent Odawa family who built and owned it for more than 150 years, is a historic treasure. Once restored, the House will be used to tell the story of Middle Village/Good Hart from its earliest inhabitants to the present.

Following national preservation standards, the 2018 restoration replaced severely distressed wall timbers with hand-hewn logs, installed historically accurate windows, interior rough pine paneling and ceiling, and a cedar shingle roof.

The timeline display will tell the story of Middle Village/Good Hart from its first inhabitants to the present.  It will be composed of maps, photographs, drawings and artifacts mounted around the interior walls of the House in chronological order.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the King House Association is to purchase, restore, and maintain the mid 19th century King home in Middle Village/Good Hart in tribute to the rich cultural history of this beautiful place.

The King House

Anyone wishing to take a look at The King House, the physical address is 144 North Lamkin Road in Good Hart, just north of St. Ignatius Church on the east side of the road. We welcome visitors to enjoy our progress.