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“Mathilda’s Remembrances” was produced by Ushia Productions and directed by Professor Linda Rose Locklear at the University of California San Diego (UCSD)’s Media Center in 1987. Professor Locklear, who was a doctoral student at UCSD and a professor of American Indian Studies at Polomar College at the time, created some 12 films during this period because as she reports “we had very few films on American Indian Elders and artists” to show students or the public. Mathilda (whom she called “Tilly”) was a friend, taught Professor Locklear and her daughters how to quill, and gave lectures in American Indian Art classes at Polomar. The voices in the film are Mathilda, Professor Locklear, and Patrick McKercher, an English Professor at UCSD who helped with the production. We are indebted to Professor Locklear for her foresight in making the film and for her generosity in sharing it with us.

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